I had been thinking about buying a bomber for ages now. I know I don’t need one but I wanted one. The question was how much should I spend because I have a leather bomber from a few years ago that got worn less than a handful of times. And yes bombers are back on trend now but not leather ones, oh no, it’s silky, polyester or nylon type material now, leather bombers are so five years ago. Another question was, did I want a solid colour or one with a print, embroidery or other detail. A plain black one would make the most sense as you can wear it with everything but since when does what makes sense matter when it comes to buying clothes, if that makes sense.

I saw this one on the Zara web site ages ago, I loved it, added it to my basket, hummed and hawed for a while and then closed out of the site without buying it. Let’s face it, this is something that I do a lot and by some of the memes on my social media I’m not alone. You know it’s someone’s job to look at the click-through-to-purchase stats and figure out why the sale wasn’t completed. I wonder if they have a “because women are crazy” option, to explain why so many web site sales go uncompleted.

Next thing I know both Pippa and Amy Huberman post pictures of themselves wearing this very bomber. Now usually if one of them posts about something it sells out straight away so when they both posted about this bomber I figured it was definitely gone forever and best to forget it and move on.
Eventually I settled on one on the New Look web site, it was black with an orange floral print, but just before checking out I decided to have a quick look at the Zara site again to make sure that they didn’t have any new bombers that I liked better. Low and behold this one was on the site and available in my size so I actually bought it this time.

 I’ve worn it loads so far and even though it has a floral embroidery detail I think it goes with pretty much everything so I don’t really need to worry about matching, but I particularly like the way it looks with my khaki River Island biker jeans.
So did you cave and buy a bomber? What kind did you buy? Or how many have you left un-purchased in virtual baskets across the internet?



Well it’s been another fast week and one of all seasons at that. The outfit I am showing you today is what I wore out last Saturday night for my hubby’s birthday. We went out for dinner and then met up with some friends for a few drinks. It was a wild and stormy night but I still insisted on wearing a blazer instead of a proper coat because I bought the top and blazer to wear together at the end of January and though it was about time they got a night out.

River Island Wrap Drape Blouse
I’ve mentioned before that I want to buy everything in River Island lately so no prizes for guessing this top is from River Island. I fell in love with the print the minute I saw it and the wrap over drape style is a shape I am really liking lately, just check this and this post to see more tops in this style.

River Island Khaki Blazer
The khaki blazer is also from River Island. It’s about the one colour blazer that I didn’t have and I knew it would look great with the top so I bought them online together. Khaki looks like it’s going to be a popular colour for spring and summer and khaki is like navy in that works great with so many other colours. The collar and zips of this blazer give it a dressy feel.

Zara Black Trousers with Zips
The trousers are from Zara. I got them at the end of last summer. You know me and anything with lots of zips. I had intended on wearing a faux leather pencil skirt (I know I’ve done a very similar post but I really like the style of the draped blouse with a leather pencil skirt) but as I said it was so miserable out, I figured trouser would be the safer option.

Pearl Ear Rings and Necklace
The earrings and necklace were a birthday gift from my hubby a few years ago. Pearls are always classy, regardless of current styles and trends, pearls are always fashionable.

New Look Pointed Court
The shoes you have seen loads of times and they are from New Look. The shorter heel makes them comfortable and means I can move quickly in them, which is important when it’s wet and windy out and I’ve spend ages curling my hair.
Are you braving the elements in spring clothes yet?




Last weekend was amazing, it was bright and sunny and quite mild for this time of year. Weekends like that make winter a lot more bearable, hopefully we get a few more. This is an outfit I wore last weekend and fingers crossed I might get to wear it a few more times although it’s not looking good at the moment but I try to be an optimist.

Penneys Crepe Baby Pink Top
This top is a soft baby pink and the material is a light crepe type fabric. I picked it up in Penneys a few weeks back and they had it in a few colours but pink seems to suit me. The white vest top is also from Penneys, sure where else would you go for inexpensive basics.

Zara Navy Blazer
The blazer is old and it’s from Zara’s TRF range. I think a comfortable and good fitting navy blazer should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. I wear mine a lot, it smartens up just about everything.

River Island Distressed Jeans
The jeans are from River Island. I love distressed jeans; of course I won’t want to feel gale force winds through the distressed and frayed bits so their days are numbered before they get packed away until next spring.

Parfois Necklace
I actually got this necklace in Parfois in Portugal but they have a few shops in Ireland and the website also delivers here as well. I love the colours in this because it looks good with the baby pink but I also love it with burgundy, which you will see in an upcoming post. So it’ll work all year round.

Brown Pumps with Gold Disk
I picked the shoes up while on holiday in Portugal. I really like flats with a pointed toe, I think they look a bit smarter than regular ballet pumps.
I have the sneaking feeling that next week’s post may involve chunky knitwear.



Well it’s Friday again and hopefully by now we have all recovered from losing an hours sleep last weekend. On the plus side we now have more hours of daylight which we can see getting longer and longer as we get closer to summer. This is a huge help in terms of blogging, it means that I can wait until the evening to get some photos rather than trying to rush and get them all done in the morning before I leave for work. No easy feat considering I’m a slow moving witch without a broom in the morning and that’s putting it nicely.

Vero Moda Floral Top

I picked this lovely floral top up last weekend in Vero Moda while they were having a 20% off everything discount. I’m very picky with my florals, I don’t like them to be too busy and I have to like all the colours, and this one ticked all the boxes.


I was actually away last weekend when I bought the top and happened to have this blue blazer from Mango with me and I think they work well together.

Zara Zips Trousers

The trousers are also a new purchase from Zara. I love the fit of these and as you know I love the zips detail. The material is unusual, kind of like scuba material but that is probably why the fit is so good.

Blue shoes with black lace

The shoes are from Menbur. Usually if I am wearing anything with blue then these are my go to shoes.

Blue necklace and earrings

The necklace is from Carraig Donn and the earrings are from New Look.

Have you bought anything nice recently?



There has been a lot of excitement about a rose gold metallic knit jumper in the new Awear A/W range. I was thinking I can’t wait to get my hands on one until I realised I have something very similar already in my wardrobe. My metallic knit is more a champagne gold so I may need to get the rose gold one yet. I thought I would show you how I wear my one for some inspiration in case you do beat me in the rush to Awear.

My champagne gold metallic knit is from New Look. The metallic thread is subtle enough so it doesn’t scream sparkly Christmas jumper. It works all through the Autumn Winter season.

The navy blazer is from Zara and the skinny jeans are also from New Look.

The Amber necklace is from Gerard’s and adds a nice bit of warmth that ties in with the cognac rich colour of the boots. The necklace and the boots together warm the cool champagne tone of the jumper.

The boots are Redz from Paul Byron.


Last Saturday night was another beautiful warm night. I headed into town to meet a few friends and this is what I wore.

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The black Capri jeggings are a recent purchase from Zara (of course I bought them just before the sale).


I have had this top for a long time and it is from a brand called Self Esteem (I don’t remember where I bought it). It just goes to show you that every now and then you should shop in your own wardrobe. Revisit some old items with a fresh perspective. It’s amazing how something old can look great with some new pieces.


These shoes are Enzo Aglioni and I picked them up recently in the sales. Pointed toe courts are everywhere at the moment and it looks like the trend will continue into the coming autumn and winter season. I suspect that they will be sticking around for quite a while as they look really classy with just about everything.

The necklace and earrings are from Pulse and I have had these for a few years also. When a local Pulse store closed, I stocked up on accessories during the closing down sale.

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The jacket is from New Look. I tried a few different blazers with this outfit but none of them seemed right so I settled on the biker in the end. I carried the jacket around a bit as it was too warm for a faux leather biker but was glad I had it when it got a lot cooler later in the night.


The clutch is Michael Kors and has been in quite a few posts before like here, here and here
Did you ever find some old items in your wardrobe that look great with new purchases?


When I head out for a proper day of shopping, I like to dress nice. Now if I’m just on a mission to get something specific like tights or heading into Penneys to see what’s cheap and cheerful then it doesn’t matter what I wear. But if I’m out to treat myself to some real retail therapy then I like to make the effort. There are two reasons for this: one, when you look good you feel good. If you start the day out in a frumpy tracksuit and feeling negative and you are in a downer mood, then of course nothing will fit right or suit you. It’s always better to start the day in a positive mood, feeling good about yourself and I always feel better about myself when I have made a bit of an effort. The second reason is when you are dressed well, sales assistants tend to be nicer to you. Unfortunately this is not a rule, some stroppy mares will always be stroppy mares. However, I am a people watcher and I can’t help but notice that sales assistants are generally nicer to people that are dressed stylishly as opposed to those in still in their pj’s.

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So this is what I wore for a day of shopping on Saturday. The vibrant coral blazer is from Cutie and I bought it from iclothing.ie. I love the shape of these blazers, the cropped sleeves and tailored fit make it sit well with almost anything. They can look really dressy with a dress or smart casual with jeans and they come in loads of colours.

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The pussy bow blouse you have seen before in this post when the weather was colder. The colour of the leopard print is quite soft so it’s a pretty blouse and contrasts nicely with the bold colour of the blazer. The blouse is from Penneys.

These slim fit boyfriend jeans are from Zara. Because they are a very casual style, I love trying to dress them up. This outfit would look far dressier with heels but because I’m off to stroll through the shops, comfy shoes are a must for all that walking. These wedge heel, peep toe, canvas courts are a few years old but I got them in Paul Byron.


Are you up styling boyfriend Jeans or keeping them relaxed with a t-shirt and flip flops? How do you like to dress for a day of retail therapy?