Clinique’s new foundation is a 2 in 1, full coverage, long lasting foundation which eliminates the need for a separate concealer and it is targeted at the thirty something with oily skin. Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer sounds like it’s exactly what I am looking for. I had read a few positive reviews of it and I was sold. It was supposed to land on counters this weekend, however, I spotted it on sale at my local Clinique counter last weekend and I was definitely buying it until I was told that they were already sold out of the shade the sales assistant matched me to. She applied Fair all over my face and then told me I needed a bit of bronzer on my neck “to warm it up a bit”. They were also out of the lighter shade, Alabaster, but she gave me a decent sized sample of it and assured me it would definitely be in stock next weekend when I returned and I had fully intended to return to purchase it. (Note: she poured this from a large squeezey bottle into a little jar, so don’t be fobbed off if you want a sample before purchasing).

WP_20150203_001 WP_20150203_002

It seems it was never meant to be for me and Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer. I have tried this every which way I can think of and I still can’t get it to work for me. Now this foundation comes with its own “magic” wand applicator which Clinique say holds the perfect amount for the full face because a little goes a long way. Now I don’t have this applicator so I am left guessing but I have tried this every day since I got it and every day I try to use less and less and I still seem to be using too much. I thought I wanted full coverage because I often have to add more of a medium coverage foundation to the tops of my cheeks and around my nose but I find this full coverage foundation makes my face look flat. The problem isn’t how much I am using it’s that I don’t like the look of the full coverage. I definitely wouldn’t be leaving the house without contouring and highlighting when using it. I usually use MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural to set my foundation but it adds a little more coverage and that would be way too much with this so I have mostly been using my NARS Translucent Pressed Powder instead.

Phototastic-01_02_2015_81b3f308-8a15-4f69-b904-9d15965a8a6e(L-R: before, just foundation, foundation set with NARS and countoured, blush and brows filled in)

Another problem I am having with this is the way it wears throughout the day. It looks flawlessly smooth when first applied but the picture below is about the four hour mark. This foundation really settles into my pores, it clings to dry patches that I didn’t know were dry patches, and it settles into fine lines and creases. I’m not sure you can see it in the picture but it also looks a bit pulpy. It makes my skin look both oily and dry all at once. Thanks to the likes of Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour, and Este Lauder Double Wear Light I’ve come to expect a good eight hours (without primer) from a long lasting foundation. I’ve even tried setting it with MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural and it still doesn’t wear any better.

So it’s not the one for me, but as I said I have read some really positive reviews of it, so if you are interested you should ask for a sample or at the least let the sales assistant apply it and leave without buying it. If it still looks great later, you can always go back and get it another day because I wouldn’t be too happy if I had spent €33 on a foundation I don’t like.
Have you tired this yet and how did you get on with it? Were you ever really disappointed with a foundation that you thought would be perfect for you?


Laura Mercier Smooth-Finish Flawless Fluid

I have been on the look-out for a new foundation for a while now. As much as I love Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour foundation, I have been wearing it for ages and felt it was time for a change. After a bit of research I spotted this on the Brown Thomas website and decided to give it a go. After checking it out on the Laura Mercier website and looking at some swatches online, I settled on the shade Vanillé, which turned out to be perfect for me. In fact I would say it’s the best that a foundation has ever matched my skin tone. It blends seamlessly into my skin so I don’t have to worry about blending it out and down my neck.

Laura Mercier Smooth-Finish Flawless Fluid
Laura Mercier Smooth-Finish Flawless Fluid is an oil free long wearing foundation that promises to magically blur imperfections for a smooth, seamless complexion. I would say that it does what it says on the box. The coverage is medium and buildable. The result is a natural matte finish that is not powdery or chalky. It feels light on the skin, I don’t notice that there is anything there but bear in mind if you are an occasional makeup wearer, I wear foundation every day. It is really long lasting, if I set it with a finishing powder it lasts all day without any shine or need for touch-ups. After wearing it all day and straight through on a night out without any touch-ups I would say it doesn’t last quite as well as the Lancôme. It started to break up on the chin and around the nose a bit, but not too noticeable. I suppose that is the trade off for a smoother more natural finish.

Laura Mercier Smooth-Finish Flawless Fluid Vanillé
The only problem with this foundation is that it is quite runny. It’s a bi-phase formula that needs to be shaken for ten seconds before dispensing. Because of the runny formula, it can’t be stored upright or it leaks into the cap. I knew this from the reviews on the Laura Mercier website but I bought it anyway because even though people were complaining about this they all still said that they loved the foundation.

I decided to do a second set of before and after pictures, because it’s getting hard to get good natural lighting these days. In the after pictures I have applied what I think is the equivalent of a normal pump of most foundations.

Both of the after pictures are the same just slightly different lighting.

In this picture I have set the Laura Mercier Smooth-Finish Flawless Fluid with MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural, applied MAC Peachykeen blush and filled in my eyebrows with MAC Omega.
This is the first Laura Mercier products that I have tried and now I want to try more. It is pricey at €48 but I really like it and I think it’s worth the price tag. Have you tried this or any other Laura Mercier products?


Este Lauder Double Wear Light

You probably already know that I have been a devotee to Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour foundation for a very long time now. Before Teint Idole Ultra I wore MAC Studio Fix for years. I like long-wearing, medium to full coverage foundation that stays put on my oily to combo skin. When I really like something, especially something as important as foundation, I tend to stick with it. I have wanted to try a new foundation for a long time and I have been doing some research. The reason I wanted a change is because of what I call “flash face”, which is when a photo is taken of me with a flash and my face comes out a different colour. When a flash is used when I am wearing Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra, my face looks either yellow or green in the photo. Lots of bloggers always list Este Lauder Double Wear Light as one of their favourite foundations so I finally decided to pick it up while in duty free.


(Top two before, bottom two with just Double Wear Light)


(Finished with MAC Mineralise Skinfinish, blush, eyebrows filled in, eyes done and Curvy Candy Chubby Stick on lips)

Este Lauder Double Wear Light is lovely; it ticks all the boxes for me. Its long wearing, I can put this on in the morning with bit of MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural as a setting powder and it lasts all day and night without any touch-ups. It looks natural with a semi-matte finish. It feels light on the skin, but I wear foundation everyday so it’s rare that I feel a foundation is heavy. The coverage is medium, it looks like skin and you can see some of my darker freckles through it so it’s not a mask but it covers redness and blotches. I still need a bit of concealer under my eyes. The formula is a bit on the thick side but a little goes a long way, however you do need to blend fast. I am using shade 2 at the moment and its fine thanks to summer and a sun holiday but it will be too dark for me as winter progresses. The only thing I don’t like is “flash face” is still a problem; my face appears paler and greyish in photos when a flash has been used. I really do like Double Wear Light but my search for a foundation that is everything I like about Double Wear Light and Teint Idole Ultra but doesn’t do “flash face”.


(photo taken with flash = “flash face”)

I am thinking of trying either Este Lauder Perfectionist or MAC Pro Long Wear next. If you have tried either please let me know if there is any “flash face” or feel free to suggest any foundations you love.


Lancome Miracle Air De Teint

I have to admit the release of this foundation kind of snuck up on me. I had heard rumblings about it, but there hasn’t been much hype; I haven’t actually read any reviews on it. I was innocently walking past a local pharmacy when I spotted the poster in the window. In I went and asked for a sample. That is the beauty of Lancôme, it’s not exclusive to city centre department stores; you can find a Lancôme counter is loads of local pharmacies. The other brilliant thing is that Lancôme offers you a free sample of all their foundations. If a sales assistant isn’t very helpful, then you can head to the next pharmacy with a Lancôme counter and hope for a better sales assistant.

If you have been following this blog then you will know all about my love of Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour. Because it is my favourite foundation, I am always interested in trying other products from the brand. When I tried the Teint Visionaire foundation, I liked it but it didn’t surpass the Teint Idole Ultra for me, so I was expecting to feel much the same about this Miracle Air de Teint. The thing is I actually think I like it more than my beloved Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour.
Did you ever try a foundation that felt wet when first applied and made you worry that it would take forever to blend in. Well this is nothing like that. The formula feels like satin, the texture feels a bit dry and you think you need to work fast to blend it, but you don’t. It blends in nice and seamlessly and feels like there is nothing there. The temptation is to apply more but one look and you realise you don’t need it. The finish is my skin but way better. This is how I wish my skin looked when I wake up. With this foundation my complexion is matte but with a slight healthy glow. I really like this hint at a glow, and I can trust this foundation not to turn greasy by noon. It also lasts really well and even stayed put through a sweaty gym session. This foundation is very lightweight, creates a natural but perfect finish that lasts all day. What is not to love?

WP_20140216_003 WP_20140216_012 WP_20140216_016

L-R bare face, with Miracle Air De Teint, brows filled in with MAC Omega

Have you tried this yet? What is your favourite foundation?


Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation

Way back when I was a broke student and all I could afford was a budget brand foundation my foundation of choice was Max Factor. Being honest though, it was the best of a bad bunch. Now that I have a pay check going into my bank account every week, I am a bit of a foundation snob. Budget brand cosmetics have really come a long way since those days, offering quality products at purse friendly prices. But as I said I’m a bit of a foundation snob so I very rarely buy a foundation that’s not from a luxury brand. For me to buy it there needs to be a lot of hype and good reviews saying its perfect my combo oily skin. On the other hand, if its sent to me to try, like this was, I waste no time in getting it on my face because at heart, I’m a beauty junkie and I love trying new things.

Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation

This is the first whipped crème / mousse type foundation that I have tried and even though I know Max Factor have been turning out some little gems lately, I was still really surprised. I thought the formula would be fussy and awkward to blend in but I was wrong; it’s so easy to work with, and blends evenly in seconds. The coverage is medium and buildable but it feels really light on the skin. They call the finish demi-matte, which to me means not chalky but not shiny and greasy either; it’s that perfect balance in between. The lasting power is pretty good too. I always use MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural as a finishing powder. Without the finishing powder it lasts the whole work day, and with it, it lasts longer than I’m willing to stay awake.
The pictures below show just why I am so impressed with this little pot. It photographs really well. I thought the pictures with the foundation came out blurred the first time so I photographed it again a second day only to realise it’s the foundation that blurs imperfections in the pictures. That’s why you can’t see any pores or lines; it’s not down to any fancy filters or other settings on the camera. All the settings are the same in all the pictures. The first picture is my bare face, in case you can’t tell. The second is with just the Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation and the third is when I used the Whipped Creme foundation instead of my usual foundation in my normal makeup routine, which is foundation, concealer, finishing powder, contouring under cheek bones, blush, brows filled in, and highlighter under brow bones and on top of cheek bones.

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The good news is it’s €12.99. So will you be running or walking to get it?


??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The promise here is 16 hours of radiance-boosting even, revived complexion. I would agree with all but the 16 hours bit. I have to say that I am fairly impressed with this budget foundation and I don’t say that lightly because if you have read this post then you will know that if Lancome Teint Idole 24hour foundation was a cult I would be the number one member. With my combo to oily skin, I would normally run a mile from foundations promising radiance. However, a few reviews suggested that it worked well with oily skin so I decided give it a whirl.

?????????????????????? ??????????????????????

My bare face

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One Pump of Healthy Mix

?????????????????????? ??????????????????????

Healthy Mix topped with concealer, MAC MSF natural powder, blush and eyebrows filled in.

I found the gel like texture to be easy to apply and one whole pump is kinda too much so I don’t press it the whole way down. There is a slight apricot scent, which I don’t mind, I actually like it but I know some of you don’t like scented products. The shade I have is 51 Light Vanilla, which is a good match for me. The coverage is medium so I need to top some areas up with concealer and the truth of the matter is I don’t care what a product promises or what other bloggers say, I know better than to leave the house without using a setting powder over my foundation. Even with MAC Mineralise Skinfinish powder I am getting less than 8 hours before this foundation starts to get shiny and breakup around the nose and chin. You can only barely make out that it is breaking up on my chin in this picture.

?????????????????????? ??????????????????????

About 8 hours after applying.

For the price of €14.99, I think this is a good foundation but it won’t be replacing my beloved Lancome Teint Idole 24 hour. Instead I will use this now and again when I know I won’t be out long or if I am definitely heading home after work, that way I won’t be wasting my €35 Lancome.

Lancôme Teint Visionnaire: Review & Pics

I finally got my grubby mitts on a sample of Lancôme Teint Visionnaire. Actually all I had to do was walk up to a Lancôme counter and ask. They handed over this cute little sample pack with both the foundation and concealer.

??????????????????????????????? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Unfortunately they only had colour number 2, which is a bit dark for me, but at least I get to try out the foundation and concealer. The sales assistant also gave me a tinchy bottle of the foundation alone in the perfect colour match for me which is 010.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Teint Visionnaire, if the name doesn’t give it away is Lancôme’s newest foundation containing their very popular Visionnaire serum and it also houses a concealer in the lid. The star ingredient in the serum is LR 2412, which is marketed as being a technological advancement in skincare that activates the skin’s defences and healing process. Lancôme claim that it refines the surface texture of the skin; smoothes wrinkles and fades irregular pigmentation. The serum contains a 4% concentration of this ingredient, while the foundation contains  2% . The price of the serum is €70, while the foundation and concealer duo is €45.

So how did I get on with the foundation?


Both Pics above are foundation alone with flash


Both Pics above are foundation alone without flash


Both Pics of foundation set with powder, blush, and eyebrows filled in

While I like it, I won’t be switching from Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24hour, which if you have read that review you know that I lurves it. Teint Visionnaire is also a medium coverage foundation with a satin finish; however it’s far more satin than the Teint Idole Ultra 24 hour. It gives a radiant appearance to the skin; in fact it’s too radiant for my oily skin, but I would guess someone with dryer or more mature skin would love it. What about wear time, you ask? I get a good eight hours before it’s time to powder my nose, which is good considering my oily skin.


As for the concealer, I was not looking forward to trying it at all because it’s a paste, which I find usually settle into fine lines (not that I’m admitting to having any) and make me look haggard dehydrated. Surprisingly that hasn’t happened with this concealer: the texture is quite silky when applying. It has stayed put and stayed smooth, score!

I can’t say anything about the skincare benefits of the foundation, because I’ve only used it a few times and I won’t buying it in full size. However, all in all I think it is a great foundation but it’s just not right for me, as I said, I think someone with dryer or more mature skin will love it. I would however,  be tempted to buy the concealer on its own if it ever became available. Have you tried it yet? Are you thinking about asking at your local counter for a sample?