I saw this advertisement in a magazine and I knew I had to have one, I mean really, can you have too many lip crayon type thingies? No and anyway this one is different, it’s super shiny and glossy according to the ad. When I headed into Boots and there was a 3 for 2 offer on, then really it would have been just wrong not to get one. I choose a bright bright pink colour since my other lip crayons are shades of dusky and plum pink, so totally different then.

L'Oréal Glam Shine Fall for Watermelon
I have to say it’s not quite what I was expecting. Because of the ad I was expecting more of a pearlescent shine (I have a bit of a thing for pearlescent shimmer). Now it is glossier than my other crayons but nowhere near as pretty and shiny as I thought it would be. It’s no replacement for lip gloss. I know all about airbrushing in ads and all that jazz and I didn’t expect it to be the exact same but it is a let-down when something is nowhere near as pretty in reality as it is in the advertisement.

L'Oréal Glam Shine Fall for Watermelon L'Oréal Glam Shine Fall for Watermelon

Having said all that, it’s still a nice lippy. I thought the colour would be slightly coral but it’s quite a strong bright pink on, so more of a going out lippy for me. It is very comfortable to wear and lasting time is what you would expect from these crayon type lipstick / balm hybrids; a couple of hours as long as you don’t eat or drink. As the colour fades it leaves a stain but more so around the outer part of your lips so keep an eye on that or you may end up looking like a child that just had a Popsicle. All in all it is pretty and it’s nice to wear so even though it’s not exactly what I expected it’s still a good lip product especially for €10.75.





The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe it’s Friday again (I know I say that most Fridays). Today’s post is light and bright along with cheap and cheerful (am I missing any cliché’s). Check shirts are one of those wardrobe staples and most people would have at least one hanging around (I have five). Usually a check shirt would be kept more casual and paired with jeans so today I thought I would dress this one up a bit.



This check shirt is from Penneys. I like blue and orange together so I didn’t think twice about buying this. The fine knit jumper is also from Penneys. It only occurred to me last night to wear the two together, since the aqua blue is the same.

boohoo.com Skater Skirt

In an effort to break the reoccurring Penneys theme I have going on here, I have this skater skirt from boohoo.com. Skater skirts have been around for a while now and I was only wearing this one with dressier tops for nights out but I have decided to get more wear out of it by wearing it to work.

Coral Penneys Pumps

These little pumps are from, yup you guessed it, Penneys. Yea it’s finally dry enough, sometimes, to leave the house in flat pumps.

Do you ever wear your check shirts with skirts?


Pantene Pro V Dry Oils

My last few hair care posts have been all about the products that will help us get big voluminous hair (like these Aussie Mousses). Just as us mere mortals have access to affordable products that will help us get big celebrity swishy hair, what happens? That’s right! X-Factor news breaks and Cheryl Cole goes and steps back into the public light with smooth sleek hair. As much as I hate to admit it, love or hate her, the fact is that she drives trends and if she continues to step out with sleek straight hair then we will all be shunning our new found volume for slinky sleek hair. Luckily I was sent Pantene Pro V’s new Dry Oils. There are two, Vitamin E Repair and Protect and Argan Oil Smooth & Sleek.

Pantene Pro V Dry Oil With Vitamin E Repair & Protect
The problem with volumising products is that they add the volume by creating texture. Texture basically means it’s impossible to comb your hair, especially when it is wet and when it’s dry there really isn’t much shine. So I have been using these dry oils after my volumising shampoo and conditioner. I keep swapping back and forth between Vitamin E Repair and Protect and Argan Oil Smooth & Sleek. I find one pump is enough for me, my hair is long but it is also straight and fine. I start at the ends and work it up the hair before blow drying, I also love rubbing any excess into my hands and cuticles. My hair still has some volume but now it is lots shinier and easier to brush. Even though they are oils, they are dry oils so they are lightweight and hair is left with plenty of movement. They also smell nice but the fragrance is subtle and delicate.

Pantene Pro V Dry Oils With Argan Oil Smooth & Sleek
The Smooth & Sleek Dry Oil with Argan Oil helps repair dry and damaged hair, leaving it looking healthy and shiny. The Repair and Protect Dry Oil with Vitamin E helps prevent damage from styling so your hair won’t get fried by your straighteners. Luckily I have both so I don’t need to decide which one I need but at €8.99 you don’t have to agonise too long over your decision. Since one pump is enough for me, these will last me ages, so they are good value.
Will you be ditching the volume for smooth and sleek hair?


Mayballeine Big Eyes Eyeshadow

While trying to decide on my third product in Boots when they were having a 3 for 2 offer I spotted this little gem. I have been on the search for my perfect orange eye shadow for a while now and the orange shade in this little quad appeared to be exactly what I was looking for. I have been dipping the tip of my brush into the orange part of MAC Summer Haze mineralise eye shadow because I love the look of orange eye shadow on my eyes. It’s well known that purple and plum shades look good on green eyes but orange is another colour that really makes the green stand out. Also orange can be a brighter alternative if you are tired of always wearing dark colours on your eyes.

Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeshadow
Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeshadow quads are very handy because you have all the shades you need to do a complete eye look in one little compact. This quad would definitely be perfect for lightening up the load in your makeup bag when travelling. As for the formula, all the shades are soft, creamy and blend able. There was little to no fallout, and the colours are buildable from sheer to strong pigmented colour. All in all I would say you get four quality shadows for €10.50. All the shades last all day and night with a good primer; I use MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.

SelfTimer23_03_2014 13_20_39 SelfTimer23_03_2014 13_19_57
Here is how I used all four shades in the look below:
Darkest Brown Shade: outer corner, and smudged over liner on top and bottom lashes
Lighter Brown Shade: crease
Orange: Lid
Lightest Shade: used as a highlighter in inner corner, under outer brow bone, top of cheek bone

I lined my eyes with MAC Coffee eye liner and used Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara.

SelfTimer22_03_2014 18_41_30 SelfTimer22_03_2014 18_45_50

There are five of the Big Eyes Eyeshadows quads available in Boots, have you tried any of them? Do you wear orange eye shadow?



If this week has thought us anything it’s that it’s not quite warm enough for the summer clothes just yet. I certainly got carried away with all the bright colours appearing in the shops but like the Irish Mammy would say “if you strip off too early you’ll catch your death of cold”. Some of you may already be suffering from the sniffles after shunning the layers last weekend.

Vero Moda Colour Block Knit Dress

Today I am showing you a lovely knit dress from Vero Moda, which I picked up in Carraig Donn recently. This is a great dress for the crazy changeable weather we are having. It’s a fine knit so it is warm and comfortable without being too heavy. I won’t end up sweltering if the sun does decide to shine for a few hours. The colour block panels also make this super flattering, even if I do say so myself. This dress is equally perfect for working in an office or for casual wear.

Black Penneys Slouchy Boot

While it does look good with pumps, I think it looks dressier and smarter with these boots. Also the extra heel height adds to the slimming effect of the panels. These boots are from Penneys.

Statement Necklace

I always feel a round neckline needs a little something so this statement necklace is perfect. I picked this up in Portugal.

SelfTimer20_03_2014 09_16_31

How are you coping with the ever changing weather?


Pari Mineral Perfection Pari Mineral Perfection

I honestly haven’t tried a compact foundation in years. The last time was when I was in college and I asked a sales assistant in a pharmacy that had a few high end brands for a foundation that would give my oily skin a matte finish. What I got was a thick waxy paste that was way too dark for me. It didn’t control shine so I ended up looking like a greasy oompa loompa, whose pile of slap entered a room about 30 seconds before my face. When you work full time and you buy a dodgy foundation, you try it a few times and then chuck it in a drawer; eventually you either throw it out or give it away. However, when you are a broke college student that is living off of store brand pasta and Koka noodles and you have to layer up to go to bed because you can’t afford to heat your damp dank flat, you have no choice but to wear it and make it last. The experience left me scarred emotionally so I was apprehensive about trying this compact from Pari when it arrived in the post.

Pari Mineral Perfection
Pari is a brand that apparently is quite popular in Canada and now it is being launched here by well known makeup artist, Rachel Murphy. Pari products are made from minerals along with skin enhancing ingredients meaning that the Pari Mineral Perfection is a cream to powder mineral foundation and like all mineral foundations it has a natural SPF but this one also has anti-aging ingredients to help improve the condition of fine lines and crow’s feet with continued use.

Pari Mineral PerfectionSelfTimer14_03_2014 08_59_31 Pari Mineral Perfection

I was pleasantly surprised by how perfect the shade (MP02) Light Nude matched my skin tone considering it was sent to me as a press sample rather than me picking it for myself. It comes with a sponge applicator, which blends easily and flawlessly and the coverage is medium but buildable for fuller coverage, but I don’t think you would want full coverage with this. The finish is a my skin but way better and it feels so light on the skin. This is proving to be quite the time saver; it’s quick and easy to apply. It lasts really well throughout the day without a primer; I get the full work day out of it before any shine needs to be tended to.

WP_20140314_005 WP_20140314_006 WP_20140314_007

No makeup in first picture, just Pari Mineral Perfection in the other two.

WP_20140314_008 WP_20140314_009

Full face of makeup

I quite like this, so much so that I am no longer dead set against compact foundations. You can find this for €33 on rachelmurphymakeup.com where I will be keeping an eye to see what other products Pari have to offer.  Have you tied anything from Pari? Have you any compact foundation horror stories?


I do have a few new products to review but somehow I don’t think too many of you will take the time to read blog posts today. I have a funny feeling most of you will be heading out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and reading will be the last thing on your mind. So instead of a proper beauty or skincare post I thought now would be an appropriate time to  share with you a few pictures from one of my favourite places, Croagh Patrick.


This little collage was taken on Saturday, which as you can see was a beautiful day. The rest of the pictures below were taken oven the many times I have climbed the reek over the past few years.

16032013525 Saturday Donkey

16032013519 20042013566

Wednesday Clare Island 08072013657 06042013556 Wednesday Clew Bay

Wednesday Shoulder

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day everyone, wherever you are.