Its Friday, it’s a bank holiday weekend, and there may be some sunshine, can I get a woohoo! It’s finally nice enough to wear ripped jeans without the fear of wind chill. Today’s outfit is a bit dressy and bit casual so it could take you from day to night or just relaxing in a beer garden, enjoying the sun and company of some friends.

White Swamp Chiffon Blazer

White Swamp Chiffon Blazer

The jacket is a recent purchase from Swamp. This jacket has a lovely crepe style front and chiffon dip hem back. It’s so lovely, it really dresses up what would be a casual outfit and it would also work great for wearing with a dress. It would really glam up a plain dress and it would be a great cover up to wear to a wedding.

New Look Floral Print Top

New Look Floral Print Top

The top is also a fairly recent purchase and it’s from New Look. The print is so cute and summery, I couldn’t leave it behind. It also has a cute button up back.

The jeans are from Penneys and they are old. They featured in a few posts last summer and will probably make a few appearances on the blog this summer.

Coral Penneys Courts

The shoes are from Penneys. I do love a pointed toe court.

Coral Body Shop Clutch

The bag was a gift with purchase from The Body Shop and it’s a great colour for summer.

Statement Necklace

I picked up the necklace while on holiday in Portugal.

How do you style ripped boyfriend jeans, do you like to dress them up or keep it casual?


Jenny Packham for Lancome Makeup Bag

As most of you already know I am a big fan of Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 hour foundation and since Lancôme do such good gifts with purchase, I always keep a look out for a gift with purchase offer when I see that I’m getting close to the bottom of the bottle. Usually you need to purchase two items to get the free gift so I like to buy another foundation in a darker shade for when I am wearing fake tan or if one of the purchases needs to be skin care I will get either the Galatéis Douceur Cleanser or the Hydra Zen Moisturiser.

Jenny Packham for Lancome Makeup Bag

Lancôme’s latest gift is a beautiful cosmetic bag designed by Jenny Packham, which is packed with some lovely travel size products and I was lucky enough to be sent one to show you. Let’s admit it, we all want a little bit of designer in our lives. I know you can get a perfectly good cosmetic bag for under a tenner but let’s face it, it you can get a designer one FOR FEE when you purchase some gorgeous products that you totally need anyway, then it’s a win, win. This bag is so cute and I really want to go away somewhere so I can feel smug with all of products packed into my designer cosmetic bag. Who am I kidding, we all know I need more than one bag for all the products that I would bring away with me, even for a weekend. Hmm, it does come in two colours the other one is blue with white, obviously I need the other one as well, it would be a shame not to have the matching set.


The bag comes with the following travel sized products:

Galatéis Douceur Cleanser, which I really like.
Tonique Doucur Toner, haven’t tried yet
Hydra Zen Neurocalm Day Moisturising Cream, a lovely moisturiser
Mini Hypnose Mascara, one of my favourite mascaras and I find travel sized mascaras better because the size is easier to work with and they don’t dry out before you finish them.
Kohl Eye Pencil, which I can’t wait to try out.

This beautiful gift will be on Lancôme counters nationwide on June 1st, that’s this weekend! So what do you think, will you be rushing out to get your hands on one?



On weekday mornings when I get ready for work I operate on auto pilot. I apply the same products in the same order every day. All the products that I use in my everyday routine are products that I purchased myself and they are the products that I trust to last all day without any need for touch ups. Thanks to blogging I am lucky enough to occasionally be sent products to try out and review. I not the biggest blog on the block so I don’t get sent loads of stuff but every now and again I do receive some great products. At the weekends is when I have time to play around with some of the other products in my stash. For this post I decided to try and do a face of the day without using any of the products that I use in my every day routine, however, I did have to use two products. They are MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Medium Plus because I don’t have a bronzer without shimmer that I could use to contour and MAC Omega because you will see in the pictures below just how important filling in my eyebrows is so I don’t like to mess with them. I have brow pencils but I find that when I fill them in with pencils or pens they end up looking very different. I am happy with the result I get from Omega and feel the colour is perfect thanks to the ash tone. So here is the look:


1 My bare, pale face (no wonder everyone tells me I look tired when they see me without any makeup)
2 Max Factor CC Colour Corrector Pencils, Green to neutralise red and Yellow for dark under eye circles
3 Pari Mineral Perfection Foundation
4 Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder
5 MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Medium Plus to contour
6 Rimmel Mono Blush in Live Pink
7 MAC Omega to fill in brows
8 Eyes done with Pari 5 Well Eyeshadow Elements Palette (pink on lid, light brown in crease and liner) Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara for a subtle no makeup eye look.


Here I am right before getting ready for bed without having done any touch ups and I think all the products lasted pretty well.


Do you work on auto pilot in the mornings or do you vary your routine from day to day?




It may technically be summer but you still need to layer up a bit. Today’s outfit has some pastels peeking out but it’s not quite screaming summer either so I think it’s appropriate for the mixed bag of weather we are having lately. I think double denim can look quite cool but I’m not sure I am cool enough to carry it off so I cheated a little here by breaking it up with the top underneath and wearing dark navy jeans.

New Look Denim Shirt

I’ve wanted a denim shirt for a while now but it’s hard to find one in just the right colour. This one is not too light, it’s not too dark and it has some nice fading. The material is quite thin so I won’t roast when I wear it with another light layer like I have here. I got this denim shirt in New Look recently.

Penneys Check Shirt

The check shirt underneath is from Penneys and I have had this for a while now. I really like the peach and aqua blue along with the navy in this shirt. I actually wear this a lot. I think it works really well with the denim shirt and the navy jeans.

Dorothy Perkins Navy Jeans

The Navy jeans are from Dorothy Perkins.

Carraig Donn Statement Necklace

This necklace is another recent purchase and it’s from Carraig Donn. I absolutely fell in love with this the minute I saw it and I think it ties the whole outfit together nicely.

Oasis nude courts


The shoes are from Oasis. I’ve said it a few times now but nude wedge heel courts are a brilliant type of shoe to have as you can wear them with almost anything and they are comfortable.

Are you brave enough to wear full on double denim or do you cheat like me?


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

It’s been a good few weeks now since I sang the praises of my first Real Techniques purchases. Boots were having a three for two offer so I picked up three brushes. In case you missed the other two posts you can see how I got on with the Silicone Liner Brush here and the Retractable Bronzing Brush here. I completely forgot that I hadn’t told you about this brush until I read this post by Lorraine at I thought to myself I must get that one, I didn’t even realise I already had the same brush because I have been using it for a completely different purpose.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
When I picked up the Expert Face Brush I also got the Retractable Bronzing brush, which I started using to apply foundation. As I already have quite a few brushes that I use to apply foundation, I didn’t really need another one. What I did need was a brush to blend highlighter. I never really bothered too much about highlighter before; I usually just slapped it on with any old brush or just used my fingers. Then on a night out I couldn’t stop staring at my friend’s highlighter, it was a sparkly line sitting on top of her cheek where she had obviously applied a liquid highlighter with her finger and didn’t blend. I didn’t know if I should do a mommy lick and spit and rub the face off her or pretend not to notice. It made me paranoid about how my own highlighter looks.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I apply highlighter to the outside of my eye socked, so in a C shape starting under the outer brow bone and finishing on top of the outer cheek bone. Considering this area is at the side of your eyes it’s a hard place to see, so I want to be confident that I have blended well. I know it seems crazy; I apply loads of products to mattify my oily skin and then add more products to make the light reflect off the areas where light would naturally reflect off if I didn’t cover them.

The Expert Face brush is brilliant at blending both powder and liquid highlighters. It’s densely packed so it is quick and easy to blend with this brush. It’s even working well with the cream pencil formula of the Max Factor CC illuminator stick I told you about on Monday. There has been no shedding even after a few washes. This pleases me. The wide base is the only negative because this brush doesn’t fit in my brush holder with all the others. This annoys me.
Have you tried this brush? Do you use it for foundation or something else?


Max Factor Colour Corrector CC Sticks

I often see celebrities on TV and wonder how their complexion looks so perfect. I’ve tried loads of different types of concealers and I’ve found the more they cover imperfections the more unnatural they look on the skin because they are too thick and end up looking patchy, caked and cracked as the day goes on. They best option that I have found for me is to use creamy concealers that lessen the appearance of my imperfections. I have to say I was quite excited when the parcel arrived with these Max Factor Colour Corrector CC sticks and not just because of the jar of sweets that came with them. I was excited to see if these CC sticks could give me the flawless complexion that I crave. We have seen colour correctors before especially in cream formulas but this is the first time I have come across a full range of colour correctors in a creamy stick formula.

Max Factor Colour Corrector CC Sticks
The Max Factor Colour Corrector CC Sticks are soft and creamy, well pigmented, and easy to blend out. There are five sticks in the range:
The Reducer (Green) – to neutralise redness
The Revitaliser (Purple) – to counteract sallow and yellow tones
The Brightener (Yellow) – to neutralise purple tones like dark under eye circles
The Balancer (Pink) – to even out dark spots on lighter skin (pigmentation)
The Illuminator (Highlighter) – to reflect light and illuminate

Max Factor Colour Corrector CC Sticks


Obviously you don’t need them all but since I had them all I decided to have a little fun and play around with them to see how flawless I could get my complexion. If I was buying them I would definitely get the illuminator, I really like this highlighter; it’s a subtle and flattering shade for my skin tone and it’s quick and easy to use for applying in the morning every day. I would also get the green and the yellow ones I think they both work really well with or without concealer on top. I do have some dark spots especially on the tops of my cheeks but they don’t bother me enough to buy products to cover them, I think foundation alone is enough but since I have the pink one I will use it, especially for those special occasions when I want to look my absolute best. I don’t think I have any sallow or yellow tones but for some reason around my mouth always looks a bit yellow when I use the flash on my camera so that is why I use the purple stick in the pictures below with the flash.


So first we have the pictures without any flash. First is my bare face without any product, next is with the CC sticks, green at sides of my nose, on my chin and some other smaller spots, yellow under my eyes, and pink on top of my cheeks and corners of my mouth. In the next picture I blended it all with my fingers. The next picture is with just one pump of Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour foundation applied over the blended CC sticks. In the final picture I applied MAC Mineralise Skinfinish to set my foundation, added some blush, and filled in my brows.


In this row of pictures I have used a flash. First is my bare face without any product, next is with the CC sticks, green at sides of my nose, on my chin and some other smaller spots, purple around my mouth and between my brows, yellow under my eyes, and finally pink on top of my cheeks and corners of my mouth. In the next picture I blended it all with my fingers. The next picture is with just one pump of Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour foundation applied over the blended CC sticks. In the final picture I applied MAC Mineralise Skinfinish to set my foundation, added some blush, and filled in my brows.

I am really impressed by how well these neutralise imperfections and create a flawless finish. I don’t think i have ever seen my complexion looking better than in the last pictures in the two collages above. These CC sticks are €10.99 and are available in stores now. Have you tried any of them yet or which ones will you be picking up?

P.S. It’s fun to scribble all over your face, just do it with these sticks and not with permanent marker like kids and drunk lads seem to have a habit of doing.



I might as well start this post with a favourite old cliché of mine, I can’t believe it’s Friday again, the weeks are flying. Today I have a slightly unusual print to show you. The thing is that I am not a big fan of just any old floral print. For me to pick up something with a floral print I have to really like something about it especially all the colours. Since yellow and red are two colours that I feel don’t look great on me I tend to shy away from anything with those colours, so even if there is only small bit of yellow or red in a floral print, it can put me off, fussy I know. In case you haven’t noticed floral prints are everywhere this summer.

Jaime La Vie Floral and Barcode Dress Jaime La Vie Floral and Barcode Dress

This dress has a mash up of two prints so we have the floral with a barcode type print over it. I was immediately drawn to it because it is so unusual and different to anything else I have seen in other shops. This dress is from the brand Jaime La Vie, which is only sold in Carraig Donn. Body con can, more often than not, be a bit unforgiving but with the placement of the panels on this dress it is actually quite flattering. As you can see the print is in a panel in the middle so it is black at the sides but then it has the stripped triangle shaped panels at the sides pointing at a black band across the waist which really gives the illusion of a nipped in waist and narrow hips. There  is also some print on the back, which I love. I hate when a dress has some lovely detail on the front but the back is just plain like a completely different dress.

Jaime La Vie Necklace

Since the print is busy I kept the accessories to a minimum. This necklace is also from Jaime La Vie at Carraig Donn.

Orange Kurt Geiger Shoes

There is a bit of orange in the print so I decided to wear it with these orange shoes from Kurt Keiger. I love these shoes and they always draw so many compliments. You would be surprised by the amount of things you can wear orange shoes with, they really lift an outfit.

Dunnes Mock Crock Plum and Black Envalope Clutch


This clutch is old and it’s from Dunnes but envelope clutches are another trend that seems to be everywhere this summer.

8087108f-d218-4f32-98f6-c08e36d8d5ce_jpeg(1)How do you feel about floral prints? Do you love them all or are you fussy like me?