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Can you believe its Friday again; wow the weeks are flying by. At last we can finally see a bit of a stretch in the evenings (I know auld wan talk) and soon we will be able to brave the outdoors without massive puffer winter jackets. Today I am giving you a break from my new favourite colour, lime, but rest assured there is more of it coming soon. I thought I would show you this pretty dress with some coral accessorising because I really like coral and navy together.

Navy Swamp Dress
I picked this dress up in Swamp in the January sales and it is from the brand Closet. I really like Closet dresses, they always just seem to fit me perfectly and it is the one brand I can buy without trying it on in the shop and feel confident that I will be happy with how it looks on when I get home. This dress has a lovely skater style shape with a cute butterfly print. The pockets give it a relaxed feel and look. The coral cardigan is from New Look. It’s actually quite a strong coral and could nearly pass for orange.

Coral Penneys Pumps
These pumps are from Penneys and hopefully it will only be a few more weeks before I can actually leave the house in cute little pumps, without my little feet getting soaked and frozen.

Conac Bourbon Ankle Boots
The boots are from the Amy Huberman range for Bourbon shoes. You may have noticed them in a few previous posts because I love the style and colour of them and they are really comfortable, always a plus.

Coral New Look Necklace
The necklace is more of a pink coral and I picked it up in New Look a while back.

Do you have any Closet dresses? What colours do you like to wear with navy?


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Last week I told you there would be more lime and here it is. Sorry but this post will be a short one because I spent my evening doing this:


If you too would like to be a domestic goddess and make After Eight flavoured cupcakes then here is the link to the recipe that I used. I’ll let the clothes do the talking, I’m sure you will be most disappointed that you don’t have to read my long winded rambles.

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This cute lime cardigan is from Penneys, where else. The little diamonte buttons add to its cuteness factor.


This floral print top is from H & M and you may have seen it in this previous post where I paired it with blue. The jeans are my old faithful black skinnies from Dorothy Perkins.


These boots are from the Amy Huberman range for Bourbon footwear. Fingers crossed it will be only a few more weeks before I can wear cute little pumps again.


I picked this necklace up in Carraig Donn. I like blue and lime together, which you will see more of in an upcoming post.

So the big question is, will you be baking mint and chocolate cupcakes or wearing lime?


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I bought this plain navy dress in Tesco a while back, but I’ve seen loads of similar dresses in other equally inexpensive shops. Other than the tulip style skirt, it is fairly plain but that’s the fun of it; You can dress it up or down depending on your accessories. It is essentially a little black dress, only it’s navy. I find navy can be a less harsh alternative to black for the fair Irish skin tone.

For today I have accessorised this dress with some (surprise, surprise) mint green, or aqua if you want, accents. The necklace you have seen recently in this post, when I paired it with plum. You see, I’m not boring and predictable, mint green happens to be really versatile.


The cardigan is from Dorothy Perkins, the colour ties in nicely and it’s handy to have some sort of cover up in this changeable weather.
This cute little belt is from Penneys. A simple way to define the waist and make it appear smaller is to pop a cute little skinny belt on.


And now for the stars of the show, the shoes!!

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These little cuties are from the brand Poetic Licence and I bought them in the boutique Ruby Rouge in Gorey.

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The colour, the pink and white polka dots, the itty bitty polka dots on the straps, and the little sparkly apple buttons, there is so much to love about these. Not to mention that they are actually comfortable. The heel is high enough to be dressy but not ankle breaking high: so perfect for day time or a night out.

How do you style up a plain dress?



I am a big fan of how dusky pink looks with brown. That is why I love pairing this brown, animal print, pussy bow blouse with this dusky pink cardigan. The best part is both of these were cheep as chips as they are both from Pennys.


The jeans are from New Look. Nothing new there because if you haven’t noticed, I love New Look’s super skinny jeans. They have the perfect amount of stretch for me and they are great value.


These shoe are Michael Kors and have also been in this post. Don’t worry it was me and not Michael Kors that added the gammy heel cushions; they have a tendancy to slip off my heels, like most courts.


This necklace is Knight & Day from Carraig Donn. It’s a classic in the sense that it’s a single string of pearls, but the charm gives it a modern twist. The best bit is the charm is changeable and you can get those types of charms everywhere now.

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The chiffon material of the blouse and soft pink make this a good outfit for spring, however if it is colder or raining I wear it with these boots.


These boots are Marco Tozi, and were a late January sale purchase. The delay in Spring’s arrival has meant that I’ve already gotten loads of wear out of them, although I would have preferred to put them away till next winter.

Friday Style: Pink, Purple & Coral Love

I am well giddy because it’s the Friday of a long weekend and it’s also NOT baltic out. Spring is here, Yea. Today I well and truly have that Friday feeling after being a bit of a moody moo earlier this week. I’m all about joys and colour and the more colours I can pack on the better.


This ever so cute bird print top is from Awear and the cardigan is from New Look.


There is a lot more purple and pink in the top so I choose to wear it with a coral cardigan to really bring out the small bits of coral in the top and because these studded coral pumps from Pennys were begging to be worn.


The Jeans are my reliable petite skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins so almost no bunching around the ankles of this shorty. Happy days (I’m easily pleases, sometimes).


This necklace has featured in a few previous posts (here and here) and is from Carraig Donn. As I said before, it really does work with almost everything.


How are you showing your Friday feeling?
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You Don’t Need A Million Bucks: Recession Style

Sunday was Mother’s Day and even though I don’t have kids I still got taken out to dinner. Actually I went out with the in-laws and their mom. Don’t worry we headed over to my mom to spoil her afterwards.

Obviously I wanted to look nice heading out but it was a bitter cold and windy day so I also wanted to be warm and comfortable; enter cosey cardigan. I feel like I am always wearing some sort of cardy lately, like an auld wan, and I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can switch it up a bit. After a few changes, here is the final result.

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The peplum top, cardigan and boots are all from Pennys and the jeans are from Dorothy Perkins. So there you have a nice outfit (if I do say so myself), Sunday dinner appropriate and cheap as chips. The best thing is how slimming this top is. The strategically placed black panels at the sides are most flattering; always a plus. The print is quite cute, with little splashes of purple and yellow mixed through the black and white.


I could have worn a black cardigan (or blazer if it wasn’t so birr out) to work the monochrome trend, but to be honest, with it being so miserable I was hoping colour would cheer things up a bit.

This bib necklace has appeared in this previous post and is from Portugal.


Here is a close up of the slouchy boots, also previously shown in this post. People are always surprised to hear they are from Pennys. It’s funny how proud Irish women are when they get to follow a compliment to what they are wearing with the word “Pennys!” Say it loud and say it proud ladies, “Pennys”. What bargains are proud of?


Friday Style: The Cutsie Dress


Ah the cutsie little summer dress. You see it on the hanger and you think “summer is a long way away, it’ll be ages before I get to wear you”. Think again, I’ve been wearing ditsy little summer dresses all winter long.


Dress & Cardigan are both from Pennys/Primark

You layer a cosey cardigan over the dress, add some opague tights and chunky boots and you have a great winter style. If it’s really cold you can even pop a long sleeve t-shirt under the dress and cardy. The chunky boots are the perfect way to tone down the girly look of a pretty sun dress and give the look a bit of edge. A bomber or biker jacket would be another way to toughen up the look. You could also wear a belt out over the cardigan and dress to give your waist  a nipped in shape.

You can have a lot of fun and get loads of wear out of a cutsie sun dress with a ditsy print. In Spring and Autumn you can swap the cardigan and chunky boots for a blazer and ballet pumps. If WHEN (positive thoughts) summer comes along, just wear the dress alone with some cute sandals.


Loving the bow detail of the neckline.

I like to wear this dragonfly print with a mint green cardigan that I already had in my wardrobe. However, it could be matched to any of the other colours in the vibrant print, such as wine, blue, or emerald green (supposedly the colour of the season, but hardly anything in the shops to support this so far– mini rant).


These boots are Marco Tozi and you may get used to seeing them because I have been wearing them alot since I got them early last Autumn. In my opinion, they go with everyting.


Anyone else rocking their summer dresses in Winter? How do you like to style yours?